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Birthday privileges are decreed as the following:

1. The birthdayee does NOT pay for drinks, food, movies, lap dances or anything other expense in exchange for money. Everything is to be paid for my external involve parties in or out of celebration for the birthdayee. (This does not include car insurance, medical bills and the like.)

2. The period of privileges last no more then the 24 hours of the day that the birthday resides. For example, 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM on March 8 in the year 2010 is definitively one period of birthday privilege.

3. The option to be chauffeured and not to operate a motor vehicle for the duration of the period of privilege due to possible substance intoxications and other externalities exists at the birthdayee's discretion.

4. The course of events that unfold throught the period of privilege are completely at the discretion of the birthdayee.
"Can you get that for me"?
"Why? you have money."
"Birthday privileges bro!"

"Meet us there?"
"Pick me up!"
"Birthday privileges..."
by Steventon March 08, 2010
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