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The Birkin bag is a bag created by the luxurious french fashion brand, Hermes> The bag was created in 1981 for the English actress Jane Birkin. It has a long waiting list and currently they are not taking any more names for the list. It's starting price is around 7500 USD, and goes into the 100,00 USD range depending on the leather and hardware. The price is very high as a single bag can take up to 48 hours to create by a single artisan. Everything on the bag is hand done including the classic saddle stitch. It is often seen carried by wealthy socialites and celebrities.
Look, there goes Lindsay Lohan carrying her Blue-Jean Birkin bag!
by 10beechm August 30, 2008
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Ugly bag carried by top celebs just because it's expensive. 2 year waiting list just to get one of these $10 000 bags. Used by celebs such as Martha Stewart.
Martha Stewart went to the court preceeding carrying her Hermes Birkin.
by Dude from another country July 29, 2005
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Large expensive travel bag, (famously produced by Hermes) which is too ugly to cost as much as it does.
Oprah cancelled her birkin bag order from Hermes. Ah, la French.
by lbell July 04, 2005
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Ugly bag for snobby rich idiots that have nothing better to do with their money than spend thousands of dollars on a bag because it's "handmade" and has a "history."
Look at that ugly ass Birkin bag. You can find nicer shit at Wal Mart.
by Jasee October 22, 2006
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