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The term biracist (or bi-racist) is used to indicate a person that constantly expresses positive bias for two races and negative bias for all the others, unlike common racists who tend to emphasize the alleged value of a single race (usually their own). A typical example is that of a biracial person who has exclusively friends of the two races of their parents
"Is it just me or Annie refuses to hang out with anybody who isn't either Asian or White? She is definitely biracist"
by Delano27 May 15, 2018
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Bi-racist is a form of racism when he/she frequently states the term "nigger" and other racist terms and denies that they are racist. An example of this would be Joyner Lucas. He often says "nigga" in his songs and then calls himself not racist.
Mark: Shut the fuck up, nigger!
Brian: Stop being racist..
Mark: I'm not racist!
Brian: Ooh, looks like someones bi-racist!
by MasterKGaming March 14, 2018
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