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The lifestyle where a person feels an attraction to and feels compatible with vegetation, usually green plants, with which they court and become romantically involved with. This attraction can be with the whole plant or just sections (e.g. roots, leaves, stem). Biogenders can also sense that multiple organisms form a singular entity that they call their lover (e.g. a cornfield being personified as one partner). This relationship can be sexual or platonic. Biogender people can carry on a relationship with one partner, multiple partners, or all of plant-life. Biogender is a subclass of Pansexual. Slurs for Biogender folk are: Root Gobbler, Leaf-Chewer, Bark-Head, Mother-Nature-Fucker, and Vegan.
Thomas' Biogender relationship with that field of grass will be very strained when he takes his business trip to Florida for a month.
by Bill.Ruby September 02, 2016
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