1) The item that holds the compass on a ship.
2) The crazy place that all the "hunnies" wanna come to.
3) The dwelling of: G-Unit, P-Diddy, Karpster, Cracka, Da Beech, Numba 1
4) Home of all the good parties (before check-in).
5) The cabin everyone wants to be a part of
7) Brother cabin of Gillies
8) Adjective-Extremely crazy and unpredictable

Also known as: The Bin, Binakizzle, and Big B
Yo, you wanna hit up the Binnacle Board Breaker?

What the hell are you doing? That's so Binnacle to duct tape someone to a chair!
by Binnacle Boy4 March 9, 2005
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Pirate talk for a condition relating to the consumption of excessive quantities of cheap alcohol, or small quantities of 'rum'.
Cap'n - "Sound the alarm Mr. Bosun, pirates off the starboard bow!"
Mr. Bosun - "Not so loud cap'n, I be feelin a little binnacled."
by BlueSlurpee July 9, 2022
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