Commonly seen in national geographic, most widely known for wearing polyester blend rompers, around White Plains and/or any other location consisting of guidos, tool-bags, douchebags, juiceheads, and cholas.

The behavior of a Bincy is indigenous to that of her native land creatures, and chooses to flee when danger is afoot. Her true identity is masked by the legality of her immigration status, and flaring oversized nostrils. *Sidenote: Overisized nostrils are a true indication of a Bincy. If one happens to have a run-in with such, try to run as fast as possible; however, given a Bincy's physical attributes, it may be detrimental to one's health if having experienced such run-in.

Her physical attributes are dinstinctly marked as such by containing multi-ethnic features. Such as, eyes resembling those of Asian decent, a nose resembling that of our African forefathers, skin the color of a distressed native, and the body resembling a mongoloidian 'jiraffe'.

**Binomial nomenclature: 'Bink-Fuck Spick-a-Hontas'

"How you say....'BINNNNCCYYYYY'?"

"Don't be such a....BIINNNCYYYYYY"

"Sorry, my BINNNNCYYY ate my physics homework."

"Bro, that chick is such a...BIIIINNCYYYY"

"Did you bring protection, because I would not want to give you the...BINNNCYYYYY"

Fidel 'BIINNNCYY' Castro is the Cuban leader.

Ex. See Adolf 'BINNCYY' Hitler for further description; as well as Osama 'BIINNCYYY' Laden.
by Ja-Ja Binks August 29, 2010
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