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A Biltron is a creature who could most simply be defined as a straight up Gangsta. His decadent sense of style is impervious to other's criticisms, which is exactly why he is so fucking G.

Pulling a Biltron involves describing in gory detail the horrible, horrendous, illegal, foul things you would do to an extremely attractive woman.

To become an official Biltron, you need to drink Bacardi 151 to the face, no chaser. You also have to understand the struggle. Also, You must praise Bruce Springsteen and look like Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees. A popped collar on a paisley shirt is also necessary for prime Biltron status.
"See that girl? I would Biltron that shit."

"Dude, we're so Biltron!"

by Dwntwncoolsville February 04, 2009
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