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Billyjune is most commonly known as a fat blonde. Her weight ranges from 300-500 pounds.
She can not ride on planes because she defies the laws of aerodynamics and the plane would crash the first meter it ascends.

She can not ride bikes because she can not move her thighs up and down.

She is also a fat acceptance activist and eats 3 boxes of pizza with a side of a fucking turtle and kangaroo on a webcam live streaming website for a living.

She also walks wherever her belly leads her because she does not have any balance and she needs roller shoes. She also can't use her feet to walk because they engulf into her fat legs and they are no longer visible.

She is always annoying as fuck because she does not know the concept of shutting her fucking mouth.
I met a Billyjune yesterday and I chopped my balls off because she changed my view on the world and made me a gay homophobic woman.
by Sh.V December 14, 2016
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