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Billism; (Noun) - Similar to Confucianism in that it is not a religion per say, but it is more of a civil/societal ideology on how to run government and society as a whole.

A civil ideology with Eastern influence founded in Western Society that seeks to supplant other opinions, ideas and morals. It emphasizes the importance of trivial matters, thus seeing differing opinions (mainly things of entertainment value) as false.

A Billist claims to support logical discourse, but is only concerned with imposing the Billist view on the non-Billist.

Reformed Billism (Weak Billism) - This type of Billism is willing to defend their position on a subject, only in hopes of converting the other party.

Orthodox Billism (Traditional Billism) - This type of Billism is not willing to engage in any logical discourse, and is taught to verbally assault any non-believer.
I just finished debating a Billist. It felt more like being lectured on my incompetence to society. But now that I realize it, I wasn't arguing with a person. Billists are fools posing as intellectuals. Billism is just a form of elitist ideals.
by The Mohammadians January 29, 2010
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