Funsize David Bellamy. Enjoys bothering badgers by jumping out from behind a tree with a flashlight in the middle of the night. Also used to make prank calls to Alan Partridge.

Fancies "birds".
Bill Oddie baits badgers.
by JT Down Under May 18, 2006
Bill Oddie is a presenter of programmes about wild life on the BBC. He has a fascination with birds.
1) A/The Body.
2) A Penis
1) "i saw this lifeless Bill Oddie in a ditch so i hit it with a stick."
"check the Bill Oddie on that girl!"
2)"i saw this lifless Bill Oddie in a ditch so hit it with a stick"
"check the Bill Oddie on that girl!"
Game played by bored female office workers, wherein an individual is selected and then compared with Bill Oddie. The game can be played using individuals known to both players or celebrities.

Rules: One must be selected as a sexual partner, death isn't an option.

Outcome: It's surprising how often Bill must get laid!
Nanette: I'm bored, how about Playing Bill Oddie
Fleur: OK. David Cameron or Bill Oddie?
Nanette: Ugh. Have to be Bill again. Are you sure death isn't an option?
Fleur: You wish! Your turn.
by Angel_k May 7, 2011