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1. The act of getting purposefully pass out drunk with no plans what so ever on how to get home, where to sleep, or how to protect oneself from being fucked with

2. Passing out at a party with your shoes on and being a victim of sharpies, throwing up/peeing on yourself, being carried home, discovering unexplainable bruises, cuts or scraps on your body, and/or seeing embarrassing pictures of yourself the next day on the internet.

3. Getting ridiculously intoxicated and engaging in activities which later on "might not have been such a good idea" the next day. E.i vandalism, stealing, sex in public, going to jail etc.
1. I'm gonna get so Bill'd out tonight!

2. Person 1: Dude, you were totally Bill'd last night!
Person 2: Ya, I figured that when I woke up minus half an ear and plus a pool of blood...

3. Person 1: Where the hell did (insert object name) come from?
Person 2: Who knows, we were totally Bill'd last night
by ZBD December 27, 2008
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