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The state of intoxication where you loose the ability to control your actions and or words. One speaks anything and everything that rolls through his or her mind and engages in conduct far beyond his or her normal box of comfort or social acceptability. This is usually met with regret and or embarrassment the next day upon remembering (or trying to remember) the actions and events of the previous night
"Leroy was so belligerent last night that he finally accepted his true sexuality and hooked up with his room mate in front of everyone."

"Excuse me sir, you're getting belligerent. I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"Dude, you peed on that girl's couch then ran around yelling about yellow snow till you tripped over the speakers and passed out. You were being sooooo biligerent!"
by j0rg March 22, 2009
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