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A biker hippie often uses music, or driving to escape stress or hard times. Biker hippies ussually eat healthy food but sometimes they eat junk food or eat out.
Biker hippies are all for tattoos, they belive if you tattoo an image on your body your dedicated to the meaning. It is very rare not to have tattoos on a biker hippie.

The biker hippie moto is you only remember living once, so live with no regretts. The biker hippie message is to be a free spirited.
Biker hippies are often rebellious, happy, cool, one with nature, free spirited, not caring what others think of them . There for peace and nature as well as ther for self deffance and some times violence. They also start and run charities for people in need.
Theye love the outdoors and nature from hiking and camping, to biking. They also enjoy the indoors like hiting the bar for a beer or just heading home to relax.
The music genre is ussually rock, blues, rap or pop but that doesnt mean a biker hippie cant listen to country or R&B.
they feel you shouldnt be forced to wear a certain style of clothing but they ussually wear biker clothes, hippie clothes or just in between.

They ussually own a gun for protection, fun or for gun club attending and they also own an animal. They love animals as much as they love there bikes and guns.
Woa! look at him, he must be a biker hippie.
Guess what im a biker hippie!
by isaiah.......s March 10, 2011
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