A man with the greatest laugh and smile ever that always has a backwards hat, he's a Pokemon enthusiast and the owner of a chonky doggo named Chester
1: "Hey do you know the youtuber bigjigglypanda?"
2: "No."
1: "Then go subscribe bitch ass mother fucker."
by Ur doing amazing sweetie July 27, 2020
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He only wears underwear and a panda hat because he is homeless
His favorite "catch phrase" is"YOU STUPID GOD DAMN FUCKING BITCH!" usually when they are plaing Golf it
My friend is sooo bigjigglypanda right now
by FatCatCowMoo November 15, 2017
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An overweight "homeless" guy with disturbing anger issues and an unbelievably irritating laugh that has been described as sounding like "A dying dolphin".

He's also a YouTuber.
The amount of people who don't realize that BigJigglyPanda needs serious help is downright appalling. The man broke his TV over a game of Mario Kart.
by Someone who kinda exists August 12, 2021
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