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Rob is one of the most flamboyantly gay people in the United States. He was featured on the september edition of the Richard Simmons website. He was originally turned gay by an evil power known as Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
SAE was very subtle in turning him. They first began to introduce him to a couple of guys at a time at which point they began to express their love of blues and country and their hatred of african americans, hoping to slowly seduce Rob over time. Eventually they began to invite him upstairs to talk about these things where they would brainwash him and give him blowjobs. Slowly but surely Rob began to enjoy this treatment until he began to mutter things in his sleep like "The lions draw you in" and "You're a bitch". But he still resisted. He relied on advice given to him by his halfway house worker, Mirana, to hold on to some small portion of his former life. Eventually, SAE gave up, but not before Rob was already permanently changed for the gay.
Since then, Rob has enlisted in a treatment program know as St. Elmo's Straightenizer in order to regain his woman-loving self. He has made considerable progress with this program and has even sexiled his roomate once with a somewhat attractive girl. We are very proud of his progress and feel that anyday now he will stop his obsession with little boys and embrace his straightness once again.
I once saw BigGayRob eat an entire orphanage full of Cambodian his underwear.
by Thaddeus Webb February 11, 2007
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