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A large sandwich that can be constructed at most all-night diners. It consists of bacon, porkroll, two sausage links, and over easy eggs which are then put between two large Belgian waffle halves.
"Hey, did Bob manage to finish the big tickle at the diner last night? You guys were there till like 4 a.m."

"Nah man, he wussed out, said he was too tired from bridge jumping at the trestle, and feigned a food baby. Too bad tubber wasn't there to show him how to be a man."

"Did you finish the big tickle?"

"Hell yeah! Just call me the Waffle Stomper!"
by LostBoy289 July 23, 2009
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50's slang for something particularly funny or amusing.
Joanne: Davie and I were parked up at Lovers' Point in the backseat of his bent eight last Thursd'y night when he unzipped his fly and rolled out what looked like a stack of quarters! Golly gosh, I didn't stop laughing till he dropped me off at my folks' place!

Margerie: Wow, sounds like a real big tickle!
by Gossip Who? September 14, 2009
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