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The reverse of the Big Bang! This is what has been called the 'Cosmic Katrina', by worried astrophysicists who predict that a large, earth-crossing 'doomsday rock' will hit the Earth and cause a large-scale extinction of living organisms!
This recent 'asteroid anxiety' has prompted the UN to start what it called an 'asteroid defense' program that plans to put into the 'killer' asteroid's rock structure a space 'bullet': a fly-by-satellite mini-nuke weapon that rides on the asteroid using its own 'microgravity' and then plant the bomb inside its hollow to blow it.
PHAs (potentially-hazardous asteroids) are various in size and impactability-risk and two scales have been put to calculate the risk against the Big Splat:
-The Torino Scale (uses a scale from 0 - 10 for regular impactability).
-The Palermo Scale (uses stats from average-sized NEOs 'near-earth objects' over a long period of time, on a scale from -2 - 0).
by hammer---;, hytham April 17, 2007
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