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Synonym for death, the act of dying, the occasion of leaving this world for the next one; cessation of life, to expire, to cease to exist. Colloquially an expression of feeling as if one has died. A process or activity that was so difficult or bad that it no longer exists.
He'd been sick for a long time, but he finally made the Big Adios.

I haven't seen her for weeks. What happened to her? She made the Big Adios.

I drank way too much last night. Man, I feel like I took the Big Adios.

That job was just too much for me. I finally told my boss I was giving it the Big Adios.

Her boyfriend was the worst ever. She gave him the Big Adios.

Eight years of George Bush was too much. He should have taken the Big Adios a long time ago.
by goodcatholicboy July 18, 2009
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