When a freind buys new tires and obsesses over them. Thinking they are bigger than monster truck tires, stopping at every truck he sees and comparing when while continuing to ask "are my tires big?" "you think my tires are big" if you dont thats tight

Freind 1: So that movie last night was tight huh?

You think my tires are big

Freind 1: What?

Zach: If you dont I aint trippin Big tires
by Fif November 24, 2006
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Heavily overused and out of style. Often used to emphasize the word "tired" after it's used.
R: Man that's awesome!

L: "Awesome" is so old. It's tired; big tired.
by whys it so hard to find handle February 09, 2021
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1. A common coping mechanism used by small penis havers to make up for their penis size with tire size

2. A common trap placed by redneck men to attract redneck women

3. A way for rednecks with little/no self esteem to boost their confidence
Friend: “Bro you have a small dick.”
Other friend: “No way bro have you seen the big truck tires on my white Ford F-250?”
by Thelongjogger February 25, 2019
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