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A Canadian term (Southern term, what bleeds into upstate Ny unintentionally...)for " Big shooter" or someone who is going too hard, too fast. Also see; someone who is clearly outmatched by your people's drinking capabilities, and/or intellectual prowess thus, reiterating the fact that they are indeed as low brow as you thought they were/are -no matter how long you have been friends... i.e. big shootsey wootsey
Don't get too wacky now Big Shoots, but If your porcupine is choking, give it the heimlich maneuver. -OR- Slow down big shoots, St. Patrick's day is tommorow...
by Uncle Treebeard January 20, 2017
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A person that shoots a large amount of cum everywhere and leaves a huge mess and is proud of it.
Man Luke and Cole had a Big shoot contest. It was fuckin disgusting after.
by poopdick101 January 08, 2011
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