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A man with such a large penis that he can do no wrong. Usually found in the Philadelphia area. There is only one Nick with such a big dick. Owner of the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. Sometimes referred to as St. Nick. This word can be used as a compliment to others doing something well.
Damn did you see the game? Big Dick Nick did it again.

Slow down man I can't keep up. Who do you think you are, Big Dick Nick?
by Dougyfreshqtizzle December 17, 2018
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The greatest man alive, Nick Foles. Standing at 6 feet and 6 inches tall and weighing in at 243 lbs. he is rumored to have the largest cock on the Philadelphia Eagles, hence the nick name β€œBig Dick Nick”.
β€œHey, did you see Big Dick Nick beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl”?
by DonkeyDick333 February 09, 2018
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Big Dick Nick, also known as 'Nickelback,' 'Nickelodeon' or 'Nick Nack Patty Wack, Give a Dog a Boner,' is Nick. He has a big dick.
Hey its Big Dick Nick over there! That guy has a big schlong!
by Waiskies May 15, 2016
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