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A person that has a very ab-normal sized chin.
A condition that is very rare and cannot be cared for.
if you have this disease it may cause people to hate you, make you fat, causes the breasts to sag or penis to shrink, make you drool and can give you a lisp.

Remember this is a serious condition and should not be made into a joke. It can also be contagious so do not touch anyone with this disease. if you have touched someone with this disease you should consult you GP immediately.
Child 1:Whoa that kid has a huge chin hahahahahahaha what a dork

Child 2:you know, you shouldn't laugh that kid has big chin syndrome.

Child 1: but he/she doesn't have any friends

Child 2: thats a side effect of the disease

Child 1: Hate that, hahaha
by Dr. kornsbey November 06, 2010
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