The three largest cities in the United States(New York, Los Angeles,and Chicago). They often compete with each other over who's the best. Each has advantages and disadvantages over each other.
Chicago is not as expensive as Los Angeles and New York. Chicago is not all crowded like New York. Chicago has the gorgeous Lake Front.

New York is home to many famous celebrations such as New Years. New York has many theaters.

Los Angeles has better weather than both Chicago and New York. Los Angeles has some of the best women around.

All have traffic congestion.

All cities of the Big 3 are fascinating places.
by 65416514651561465 April 29, 2007
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Big 3 contains of Nyerere katelynn and Angelina code names (atm, 2 times , and Tom and jerry)
by Master6900 June 4, 2022
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When the leader of the sexual act called The Big 3 has anal sex with one man while another sucks his balls. They both swallow the leader's jizz
Dwyane Wade roped Lebron James and Chris Bosh into The Big 3. James, being an inferior athlete and leader, receives the anal, while Bosh, the desperate to be famous and successful, sucks Wade's balls. They both swallow the jizz, James, because he wants to inherit Wade's franchise carrying abilities and savors the flavor, and Bosh because he wants to inherit Wade's marketability, and because he likes to smack it around his mouth in order to make Wade happy.

Commonly, Bosh will give James handjob after handjob during said act, as well as have James spit his share of Wade's jizz into his mouth
by A Basketball Fan September 24, 2010
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During the next-gen. era of video games. The Big 3 includes video game big houses Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. Used to describe the tension between the big houses at E3 2008.
Man, the war between the Big 3 is getting to intense for me...i'm taking a break from video games for awhile.
by VGameG33k July 13, 2008
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The biggest 3 anime in like 2010

One piece


man: "Yo what's ya favorite out of the big 3??
man2: "I think I like Naruto the most since it was my gateway anime "
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Mainly known as the major automobile manufacturors, but also has a cult meaning as the title to a popular song by the Blues/GarageRock band The White Stripes called "The Big 3 Killed My Baby", which was based upon a small automobile dealer being run out of business by The Big Three Automobile manufacturors in his home town of Detroit.
"Jack White has some amazing imagery in that song of his "The Big 3 Killed My Baby"

by Jar-Jarhead November 26, 2006
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