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One who is in "love" with Justin Bieber. Traits include: Justin Bieber-covered belongings, Talks about Justin Bieber constantly, Justin Bieber merchandise, listens to Justin Bieber and ONLY Justin Bieber. In more serious cases, the Bieberwhore will do the following: Worship Justin Bieber as if he were Godly, and become a Bieberist, dress like Justin Bieber, spend hours on end on the internet, trying to find Justin Bieber's phone number, address, etc. & try to contact Justin Bieber, attempt (& sometimes succed) to convince themselves that they are romantically involved with Justin Bieber & have non-stop explicit fantasies about Justin Bieber.
Sarah is SUCH a Bieberwhore. She ACTUALLY thinks she's dating Justin Bieber, and she tried to poison Stephanie for having a Justin Bieber poster in her binder!
by Twisted Dollface October 16, 2010
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Phrase meaning that a deceased cannot rest in peace until society changes due to the circumstances of a death.
People said rest in power for the unarmed man had been shot by the police.
by FooBarBiz October 12, 2017
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