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The hairstyle of the hit young celebrity "Justin Bieber."
If you are not familiar with him I'll tell you a little information about him. Justin Drew Bieber, born March 1, 1994, is a young, handsome, talented celebrity. He can dance, sings pop and R&B, and can play guitar, piano, percussion, and trumpet. His career hit off when he was seen on youtube and offered to have a musical contract with Usher. Justin Bieber agreed and moved from Ontario, Canada to Atlanta, Georgia where he currently lives. Anyways, back to Bieber cut. It's this celebrity's hair which is adored by many fans. People just believe it "flips" and "knows where it wants to go." When guest-starring on Saturday Night Live, Justin Bieber was recognized in the skit for his fabulous hair.
I can't believe how lovely that Bieber Cut is.
by mayaisboss February 21, 2011
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