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Christians who worship the Bible rather than God. "If it isn't in the Bible, it isn't true." The idea that the Judeo-Christian God went silent 2,000 years ago and can have nothing new to say. The heavens are closed. No new message. No messenger will ever be sent again. No more prophets. No more wisemen. No more revelation. No more communications from the unseen world. Sorry. It's over.
Jake: "So, is Mark going to get married?"

Pete: "I don't know, I told him that he should pray about it and seek an answer, but you know he won't."

Jake: "Why not? He's religious!"

Pete: "Yeah, but he is a Biblitian. The Bible is his God. He only trusts the Bible. No other source."
by Russ3705 March 26, 2011
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