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A girl who is extremely beautiful and amaizing. You Can Always Count On her. She is fucking amaizing. She is better than you. No one can beat her. She is a BOSS AS BITCH!!!!!
Ayyee....What's up Biara!!!
by Ayeee_itsme February 05, 2014
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A Biara can be quite as well very loud and hyper through out the day. A Biara can be really sweet and loving but if you say something or do something that seems disrespectful towards her you're done for. She can also be known to be very sassy . You dont wanna get your head in a fight with her because shes usally known to leave you gagging on your own words. And she in all ia very cute. She can be very clumsy and short.
Damn how the hell did I lose a fight to her! Shes for sure a Biara.
by รɦɑwty February 16, 2018
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