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1.) An incompetant young man who has problems growing, due to his lack of muscle mass and testosterone.
2.) An incompetant young man who takes sexual gratification from ditching one's friends on a regular and daily basis.
3.) An incompetant small creature who has an unhealthy obsession with his unattractive and unappleaing body features (ed. Note; he believes himself to look like Brad Pitt AND Tom Cruise, when in reality appears more like Gollum from LOTR).
4.) An incompetant young man who has a penchant for stealing mischievous children, taking them to his mountain cave, and sexually molesting them before their eventual consumption by the Bia Phone. (See "Bodash".)
5.) Any communication devise used by the Bia Phone himself.
6.) Root: "Bia"; slang for "bitch" and "Phone"; slang for "ditching someone with incoherent ramblings", thus-- an ignorant bitch who ditches his friends using low-browed expressions and incoherent thoughts.

See Related Words: fuck-pouch, cock-stain, shit-smear, fuck, Bodash, fuck-stain, shit-ass, slap-stain.
Brandon P. Cox is THE Bia Phone.

Brandon, you're such a Bia Phone. I caught you molesting a child last night and then you ate it to get rid of the evidence.

Bia Phone! Bia Phone! Oh hi, Young Man.

(As a cry for help): "The Phone! The PHONE!"
by The Franchise February 28, 2005
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