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A Bi-chydrohydrobeaker, discovered during "conversational research" between the Olenocinova and Patton Partnership in April 2010, is an organic compound with the general formula Ni(Na+An)Dy, that is, consists only of carbon, hydrogen and beakers, the last two in the 2:1 atom ratio.

The term is most commonly used in "Irish-Slovak" Speech in reference to nutrition.

Bi-chydrohydrobeakers perform numerous roles in living things. It is especially important to eat them before running a Marathon.

This compound is often confused with the similar 'Carbohydrate' which despite their likeness in molecular structure, they differ in that the Bi-chydrohydrobeakers are just better because Nina says so.
"Make sure you eat plenty of Bi-chydrohydrobeakers before you run that Marathon."

"Those Bi-chydrohydrobeakers will make you big and strong."
by NiOlAnPa April 29, 2010
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