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Talented at Counter Strike - Global Offensive, he is a handsome young man and very funny, he is an amazing football player however his talent isn't appreciated. Bhavyha is very humble and intelligent and he puts his friends and his family before himself.
James: Have you seen me play CS:GO, i play like a Bhavyha.
by s_k_r_t November 16, 2017
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Usually know to be shit at Counter Strike:Global Offensive or (CS:GO). Gay shitbag that will take your stuff without paying. Also known to be a gay highly unstable retard that will become aggressive when threatened, especially when he looks in the mirror as he does not understand the concept of a mirror. Bhavyha is highly attracted to small animals (e.g Hamster, Guinea Pigs etc...). When within 5 feet of a small animal he will proceed to rape it until it is dead.
James: ooohhh, that guy is playing CS:GO and is playing like a Bhavyha.
by That_One_Guy_In_Africa October 05, 2017
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