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Bharat is a gentle car loving mafia gangstar who wishes that he could bench more than the bar and hopes to get 100 lbs by the end of the year. He wishes he could be a super hero oh that would awsome and he likes to fart and eat potatoes. He wishes that Black people grew on trees. He likes long walks on the highway and he hopes to make millions off becoming a car dealer. He hopes to concor his fears of the chuckie chease maskot. He loves Ferrari Enzos. And he wants to change the Chuckie cheese modo to Where Bharat Can be a Bharat.
Bharat Lackshmanan is a boss and hopes that he could steal a pencil.

Bharat Lackshmanan gets mad wasted at pizza parties.
by ahadfklhjsaciofjuadf January 18, 2011
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