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Quite the aspiring bmx rider, freestyler, snowboaring white jesus. He loves getting rammed up the butt && enjoys the pain. (: He's a very persistant person when it comes to things he likes to do. He won't give up till he reaches his goal he set out for. He'll do anything for his friends; even if it means going to McDonalds to get their PMS craving. As of right now, he's growing out his hair && this fine chick that is his bffl is gonna straighten it. wonder if she's hot (;
But anyway...
He's mad cool yo, more cool then your mom & your guinea pig, rabbit, dogs & pussycat...
Speaking of which...he loves small pussy.
He think's he's the shit, but really he eats shit for breakfast.

ps He's not as tuff as he says he is...
Yo, lemme get 2 four peice chicken nuggest with a small fry, small coke && a bfitzzz on the side.
by Your bffl; Danii (: February 04, 2009
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