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One who is unable to comprehend or understand you're point or where you are coming from. Not "catching" your drift. Or simply opposing or challenging you for no reason other than to be a beytch-ass. There are common cases of people not knowing that they are a beytch; completely unaware of their constant jackassery. This is often displayed in unnecessary sarcastic remarks, and/ or the very persistent need to swear at one. Beytch's can be found in many cultures around the world. Studies have indicated that 90% of all beytch's fall within the 18-24 age range.
You: "Yo, can I roll the blunt?"

Me: "No."

You: "Why the fuck not?"

Me: "...Because I bought the weed, you fucking beytch"
by k-rich, bitch June 07, 2010
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