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1. To have public services dismantled and handed over to for-profit privatizing billionaires
2. To get screwed
3. To be lied to

4. To be cheated

Synonym: Monica Garcia'd

Origin, 2018: LAUSD school board secretly abs illegally hires Austin Beutner, who has no experience in education, a to be the superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The school board sits on a continued and increasing reserve of over $2 billion, but claims they cannot give teachers a cost of living increase nor change any of the following realities:

1. Schools have nurses only 1 day a week unless they find other money to pay for the other 4 days.

2. Some school counselors have a caseload of over 1,000 students because the LAUSD refuses to hire more counselors.

3. There is no true limit on class size, resulting in class sizes of, for example, 55 in a high school math class and 43 in a sixth grade math class.

4. Most schools do not have full time librarians or school psychologists/ social workers.

5. Charter schools in California do not have to play by the same rules of public schools do. Charter schools can cherry pick their students and they can deny enrollment to students with low test scores. Public schools may not and do not deny enrollment to anyone.

Austin Beutner wants to dismantle and privatize the LAUSD into 32 portfolio districts in order to bust the teachers union so he can hand the schools over to billionaires like Eli Broad to become for-profit schools.
Dude, those billionaires totally Beutnered your school district!
by Y4HiHSCx January 18, 2019
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