A furry webcomic by Jay Naylor, started in 2003 and still being updated today. Follows the life of Fisk and Lucy Black growing up in Georgia in the 1980s. Very good, recommended if you don't mind furry stuff. There are adult themes, but it's not pornographic, thank god.
Quote from Better Days chapter one
Fisk: mom, what does "fuck my brains" out mean?
by Bashe July 25, 2006
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A song written and performed by Citizen King, a 90's punk/alternative/hip-hop band out of Milwaukee with their own unique sound. The song had it's debut on the first episode of Malcolm in the Middle in 2000. It was again featured on the final episode in 2006.

Alot of morons out there believe this song is by Sublime or Everclear. It sounds nothin like Brads voice, I can see how people may mistake it for Everclear, but still, they sound different.

Citizen King is underrated.
"I've Seen Better Days" always picks me up and helps me laugh at life when I'm feelin down and mopy.
by Austin Daynjah March 19, 2009
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the car has seen better days = the car used to be in good condition
the car has seen better days
by seetoknow January 5, 2010
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