The accent used when hairy middle eastern men say "bitch".
Yo bro, did you see that betch in the white BMW? I'd pipe that betch real good.
by Shahdaddy April 16, 2017
another word for bitch, but less rude. popularized by Kelly in her song 'shoes'. you might find yourself saying betch at random times, most likely when you want to party.
those shoes are mine BETCH!
by rororochelle January 8, 2007
the new way to express the word "bitch" such as in "shoes" by kelly
"Fuck you fat 'betch' fuck you with somthing hard, and sand-papery"
by John J. C. February 9, 2007
An overly exaggerated term meaning monkey dildo that is used to describe white girls with no discipline
uhhhh... Lilly is such a BETCH!

That’s a really big betch
by DELICOUSman May 11, 2018
Slang term for the word bitch made famous by Kelly, an internet comedian/celebrity.
Those shoes are mine betch.

I am going to betch slap the dumb out of you.
by Krisdrums86 July 30, 2008
The away that "preppy girls" or "preps" with thier funny voices say Bitch.
"OMG! Ashley, Emma is being such a Betch today!"
by sdbabiee13 July 12, 2008
A totally better term of bitch, the world should say it instead of bitch.
Manny is a betch.
Manny is a big betch.
Manny is the biggest betch in the world.
by BMTH15 June 29, 2015