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1. To replace one word with another, it can be interpreted as many things, but it doesn't matter whether the beswitchee can tell what you're talking about. It can be used in any kind of sentence.

There are two things that define a beswitch

The new word must not make sense
The beswitch must be directed towards someone or something other than the speaker

2. Also can be an excuse for an error or deformity in someone's work, speech, action or existence (the correct way is switching places with the incorrect way) or

A beswitch can be used as a verb, noun, adjective, subject or anything else you can think of
basically ad/mad libbing

A beswitch does not have to be only one word, it can range from one letter to an entire essay. But remember when typing or saying a beswitch, not to space any of the beswitches, unless it is only one word. You wouldn't want your friend's head NOT shattering when he listens to you talk.

1. Original sentence: Nate: Hey Josh, get your ass over here, quicklike!
Beswitched sentence: Nate: Hey John, get your Lion Playing Cards over here, moneywise!
Josh: What?
Nate: Shut up John.

Original: The word beswitch comes from the word bewitch, meaning to cast a spell over or entrance; you are are casting a spell over the listener with your fancy language
Beswitched: Shut up, maestro!

2. Art teacher: The majority of paints you used go outside the lines, the erase marks are clearly visible, and it is proportioned incorrectly
You: No, I beswitched it, those mistakes were on purpose, more indie that way. Isn't that how most art is?
Art teacher: A+

Bob: Joey is so ugly
Jimmy: Nope, he's been beswitched.

*If anything in this definition doesn't make sense or there is some other error, I meant to do that, I beswitched you.

by PsychoHoomf March 10, 2009
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