An angry old woman who enjoys making other people’s lives miserable. She has a no speaking policy in her classroom and sets impossible deadlines. Her favourite thing to do is shout at people for dropping a pin and bitch about the other art teacher 🤡
Art teacher “I found this piece of paper on the floor”
Pupil “sorry that’s mine”

pupil waits until the beast leaves the classroom and starts bitching about her
by Very very arsh December 6, 2019
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A person who rambles on for the entire class and then complains that everyone was messing around.
The art teacher talked for 1 hour.
by Dababy Baby March 29, 2022
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generally over-enthusiastic middle-aged person. likes looking at children and examining their drawings in a desperate attempt to feel like they have acheived human contact.
Dude, you're dressed like an art teacher!
How dare you! i think you'll find i'm only looking for friendship!
by drughead101 February 4, 2010
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the most fruity teachers in worldwide existence, if ur art teacher is not fruity then you dont exist and thats a fact boo #slay
my art teacher is so fruity! They literally said yass while in class, better call millie!
my art teacher literally said they hate millie bobby brown in class! He's so fruity
art teachers or are fruity or are crazy af
by ate left no crumbs April 7, 2022
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A teacher whom you dislike no matter what they teach or what they look like.
"Wow she's such a frumpy art teacher. It's the day before christmas break and she gave us an essay on the geometry of areodynamics...bitch."
by Chronny November 25, 2007
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