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Bestries are like best friends, except better because they are the best partners ever. A bestrie is a friend that you are comfortable being around and sharing things with. Your bestrie is your favourite person in the world, the one in which you trust implicitly with anything. It can interfere with your sleep bt whatsapp and sometimes introduces you to totally weird people. Bestries always look forward to seeing each other even to do absolutely nothing at all. Bestries share interests,traits and are loyal to each other. They wouldn't sacrifice their life, they would share it.
With your bestrie, you don't need to talk to communicate. A bestrie will always tell you if you're being stupid, but it doesn't make you feel stupid.

A bestrie is someone who forgives you no matter what you do, someone who helps you even when they don't know how. All in all, bestries love, respect and trust each other.
Friends: Hey are you coming with us tonight?
You: No, I'm hanging out with my bestrie.
by Brendda September 15, 2012
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