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Your Ultimate Best Friend; the Homie that never leaves your side. The O to your G, The Kool to your Aide, The fruit to your Loop, and last but not least the Bestt to your Friend.

A Bestdizzle sticks with you through your shitty moments (literaly), your drunk moments, your Sky High Moments, and your crazy moments.
Guy1: DOOD..aint that Tay and Lo?
Guy2: Yeaaa DOOD they're Bestdizzlez fo sho!

Girl1: Like there's Fresca?!?!
Girl2: But where's her Bestdizzle?!?!?
Girl1: Lo?!
Girl2: Yea fooo...
Girl1: Shes settin up BP Fooo!
by Lo Vero January 31, 2009
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