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The best summer ever is a combonation of events during the summer that combine to creat the most awsome summer vaction that anyone has ever had. It must start out with a party trip to a warm place such as San Diego, there must also be a party camping trip to a lake during a major holiday. There has to be a trip to a foriegn country involved, a week in cabo would count as such a trip. no summer is complete without at least one weekend in vegas as well. this trip must include bottle service at major club as well as a cabana at rehab. After vegas usualy come a cruise of some sort, the length and destination of the cruise do not matter. Towards the end of the summer you must also visit a city that you have never been to, i.e. New York, and after that, to top the whole thing off go and study abroad in Europe for 5 months. of course sprinkled in through out has to be trip the the beach, the lake, county concerts, parties and bbq's. If followed then you are gaurenteed to have the Best Summer Ever.
I made a will before The Best Summer Ever started becuase im not sure that i'll make it through alive
by Great White H0pe April 08, 2011
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