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Employees that work at Best Buy that suffering from obesity, loss of intelligent, laziness, decrease in social events and declining health. Usually this is due to the erratic work schedule and the daily intake of fast food.
Examples of Best Buy Effect on a person are:
Lee- Lost of hair, high blood pressure, Doesn't answer cell phone, and Eats extremely unhealthy. Quote "I will die before I eat healthy"
John- weight gain, addicted to World of Warcraft,and never answers cell phone. Quote "Chicken nuggets are the healthiest item at McDonalds,
by William301 February 28, 2008
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An excellent culture filled with intelligent and innovative employees that are currently in school working on their degree at a prestigious university or tech loving employees working their way up the corporate ladder. Many employees offer excellent customer service to life long elite customers while also having to deal with unintelligent customers who do not understand value and that the store offers excellent accidental damage protection on expensive products because the manufacturers warranties are usually poor and limited. These type of customers also seem to fall into the category of people who in fact have not actually purchased anything from best buy but come in to seek free advice and troubleshooting on the products they previously turned down added protection on. Most personable experts will go out of their way to help these non customer time vampires as long as these said vampires do not verbally assault the considerate techxperts and act ungrateful towards them.

Random people coming to believe that best buy is a free technology tutoring company that uses interns to satisfy every question the time vampires wish to ask, no matter how embarrassingly stupid it may be. The effect also seems to turn these non paying time vampires into assholes who are entitled to act like they might murder these slaveinterns if they cannot slow down their explanations so their feeble mind can comprehend.
I can't believe that mobile expert politely wished me a great day and went to activate a new phone for a paying customer after only spending an hour explaining to me how to pair my amazon purchased knockoff $20 Chinese robowear smartwatch with my razor flip phone. And how dare he tell me that my amazing robowear zingzOnG4 will disconnect constantly because of the outdated poor technology in both my devices and that they arent compatible! He was just trying to sell me the $79 pebble smart watch so he can make some commission. No wonder Best Buy is going out of business i assume since I haven't paid attention to stock and business news since I upgraded to my top o the line motorolla razor in 2007. I bet he was also lying when he said he couldn't port over my phone number from Verizon just because I owe them 300$ and he couldn't activate my awesome razor phone on at&t because it's CDMA. PSH not compatible with GSM my ass! I bet those aren't even real things, they sound made up. He just wants my potential money! I will be contacting the BBB over this! (Perfect example of the best buy effect)
by gdub genius June 27, 2016
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