The things that a person may say or do to impress and endear themselves to another person......usually when they are on the pull.
Hey, check out Rob. He is pulling out his best shit with that girl !
Dude, you were pulling out your best shit last night......
by Gregory Grayson November 24, 2010
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Used to describe something amazing, usually something new to the person describing it.
Jay: Dude, cone-ing is the best shit ever!
Mark: You say that about everything when you first find out about it.
by Seo Jay January 3, 2012
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Means what all awesome shit is related to porn, adult content, sex, and bad words!!!
I looked up THE BEST SHIT/CRAP/BULLSHIT EVER!!!! on my computer last night and oh goodness, it was FUCKING AWESOME!!!!
by pornuser March 22, 2018