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When you're really close with a member of the opposite sex and would like to date them but they refuse to date you because you are too close and they wouldn't want to make anything awkward between the two of you if the relationship didn't last.

You have best friend syndrome if...
1) You hang out with the person of your dreams more often then your friends. But ARE NOT dating.
2) They ask you to take them to an STD test or a gynecologist appointment. Or go with them as moral support to get Plan B (even though you weren't the one to have sex with her)
3) Other acts that a boy friend/girlfriend would do minus the sexual benefits, emotional attachments and etc.
Mother: So hows Andrew doing? I'm sure hes not too happy you dumped him for Josh.
Daughter: Are you kidding?! We were never dating, he just had a bad case of Best Friend Syndrome.
by ThePetRock July 29, 2009
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