you say this when someones a simp, being mean, gay faggit or something else idk.
Why do you keep talking to her you simp your mean. no im not. cap Stop being mean dude you so goofy ahh bazonkadoink.
by TheGOATof dumbshit! ImHorny September 23, 2022
Stop being a bully!

Start being kind!
Carter: You’re so ugly

Olivia: You can’t say that!

It’s National Stop Being Mean Day!
by Alyssa Vontage March 24, 2021
In gay culture this is a male that behaves & acts like a female teenager. Usually other gay males will laugh & go along with this immature bltchy character. This is group or herd mentality within individuals that feel this will elevate their status with their friends.
Thursday is mean girl day at the bar, Gilbert was just being a mean queen!
by birdfart September 24, 2015
What Shane does after 4 days after four days and then he leaves
Cult member: Shane shows up after like 4 days bes mean then leaves
by Bes Mean May 21, 2021