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1) when one explains incredibly simple concepts in mind-bogglingly complex terms, to create the illusion that one is a "straight up G"

2) when one spends all disposable income on luxury items in the hopes of landing some serious, deal-breaking, high-school snatch

3) when one creates the illusion that one's blackberry is ringing "off da hook" with important business calls, by answering non-existent calls and emails with snappy one-liners derived from one's last name (see also: douschebag)
Mike: Hey Doug, check out that chick over there... I'd like to do some due diligence and check out her cost-benefit analysis.. maybe give her my LOI to get some marginal rate of return on those titties.

Doug: Yo... Morgan Stanley, stop bent covin' me and just shoot me straight...
by D'Andre Creamer June 01, 2007
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