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1.) A rare species of the homosapien family. Found only in its native location of samammish, washington, it is characterized for its extremely absurd, extreme and even vulgar mating calls. Has no purpose in life other than to sleep, play bass, wrestle and make the effort to mate with anything that moves, especially that of the Andreswheeles breed.

2.) Slang term derived from the bad part of New York. Meaning: stripper and/or hooker

3.) Comes from ancient Greek mythology. Benreh was the ancient god of sleep. When local Athenians were caught shoplifting, they were sentenced to the cave of Benreh, where Benreh then made he/she it's mistress, doomed to a life of reckless bass-playing and naked wrestling with the demon-god Benreh
1.) Holy $%*&! Did you just see that Benreh leaping from tree to tree? I think it had a bass

2.) Andrew: Yeah man, I totally got a Benreh off the streets. You wouldn't believe how...flexible...they are.
Devin: Ew
Eric: Where did you say you got one?

3.) Fool shoplifter, suffer the wrath of the god Benreh!
Josh: Anything but that! I was just trying to save some money!
by Andrew J. Wheeler April 08, 2008
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