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A dallas school that is alright but still gets the job done ya know,...ITS an ok school but if you want a "clean" school then dont come here becuase its just a bunch of ghetto kids tryna look cool by wearing expensive stuff even though they live in rusty old dusty apartment that only listens to rap music...but still an ok school
Benjamin Franklin Middle School is ,..... i cant say because its a christian minecraft server
by Tony Shaboni January 31, 2018
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A public school that takes things way to seriously. They can't even figure out how to deal with bottle flipping so they ban it. Teachers are okay but like it's all annoying. Known to be one of the best school districts in New Jersey, they still have no idea how to set up a school. Cliques and shit are way to desperate and the students are rich kids that don't know how to appreciate Ridgewood so they bash it and go to New York for smoothies at that rich ass sugar factory.
Person 1: "you go to bfms?"
Person 2: "ya exactly, I listen to people talk shit about shattering dreams with alcohol and shit." Benjamin Franklin middle school
by Pseudonymcreator December 10, 2016
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