A language spoken by westernised people who have origins in Bangladesh. Half bengali, half english.
"Here I'll translate"
"You can't translate it for shit, you speak in benglish man!"
by Fand0n October 18, 2018
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Benglish is an alternate meme version of the English language that uses as many B's as possible. You take away the first letter of a word unless it's a vowl, you also replace important consonants with B only if the word is noticably longer. Note, people will treat you differently.
"Bey, ban bou beak benglish?"
"Bou bow bi bad bo bo bit bo bem."
"Bamerica bis ba best bountry, Bange by bind."
"Banos Bar"
"Beme breview"
"Bi bant bo bit"
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by Agent Marshall November 14, 2018
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An irritating rash experienced after douching.
Benglish is an irritation that you can't get rid of.
by JSharter July 11, 2008
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