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The sexiest European ever, is the one that is manly, has a huge cock, sex is just like the thing he was born to do, every girl loves him, he always know what hes doing and what to do, he is flawless, sexy, tall muscular, lovely, smart, and wonderful, overall Benediktas is the guy every single girl dreams of, has everything a girl wants a guy to have, romantic, sexy, tall, and smart. 80% girls choose European guys over any other nationality, so other guys be careful before a guy named Benediktas shows up and takes all what you have.
I wish Benediktas was my boyfriend, I have never seen a guy like him, never even liked anyone as much as him.

Some people call Benediktas a shorter name Ben and some people call him Benny.
by jok3z69 February 06, 2010
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a name given by the god of partys and hookah bars. The one who drinks a shit load of vodka like its nothing! The one who fucks with every chick on the block and gets some! But when it comes to hard times theres always lotion under the bed.....
1.benediktas wakes up
3.get ready
7.gets ready again
8.gets drunk
9.goes to a party/hookah bar
10.fucked up on the floor
by the god of hookah February 06, 2010
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